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Why RKB ?

  1. Experience and presence on the insurance market since 1995.
  1. Almost 50 staff, including 30 holding national broker’s certificates.
  1. Highly developed organisational structure:
  • property and communication insurance department,
  • guarantees and financial insurance department,
  • life insurance department, damages liquidation department,
  • legal services and public tender team,
  • risk assessor.
  1. Insurance service on a national scale (company seat in Wrocław, with representatives in Warsaw, Gdańsk, Tychy, Bydgoszcz, Zamość and Piotrków Trybunalski).
  1. The ability to prepare an international insurance program. Access to Lloyd’s of London.
  1. ISO 9001:2015
  1. Client relationship management (CRM) platform with permanent on-line access.
  1. Additional broker’s occupational civil liability to a guaranteed sum of EUR 10,000,000.
  1. A separate specialised team, Riskman, rendering buyer’s credit risk services.
  1. Help after an incident in disposing of destroyed or damaged property.
  1. Organisation and support of risk management policies in enterprises.
  1. Advice and optimisation of insurance cover for several institutions and economic entities, as well as the undertaking of risk assessments.
  1. Protection of financial stability and limitation or elimination of everyday risk to business.
  1. Creation of original programs and a continual search for innovative insurance solutions.
  1. Representing the interests of the insured during the claim resolution process, as well as investigation of claims and evidence.
  1. Active participation in public bid procedures, in part or in whole, as a proxy.
  1. Constant monitoring of the insurance market and training within the scope of insurance and risk assessment.