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About RKB

RKB Ltd undertakes brokerage activities within the scope of insurance, upon the basis of license number 803/00, issued by the National Insurance Supervisory Board on 4th May 2000, providing a range of broker activities covered by the regulations of the bill pertaining to insurance intermediaries (Act number 124 pos. 1154 from 2003). The company has a registered seat in Wrocław, as well as representatives in Warsaw, Gdańsk, Tychy, Bydgoszcz, Zamość and Piotrków Trybunalski

We currently employ 50 people, around thirty of whom have passed the broker’s license exam. We possess an essential set of skills tailored to the preparation of complex insurance services and are able to furnish you with a team of experienced specialists to meet your insurance, legal and financial needs. Keeping the great variety and specific details of insurance contracts in mind, we rely on the specialisations of our brokers to assure our clients of a quality service within the following departments of the company:

  • property and communication insurance,
  • guarantees and financial insurance,
  • life insurance,
  • damages liquidation.

Within the scope of an independent structure, lead by a legal advisor, is a team providing legal and public commission services, as well as risk assessment.

We serve clients within Poland, who run their business both locally and internationally, as well as serving foreign clients, which means working with international insurance programs. Thanks to this complex offering, we have gained the trust of notable firms-including those listed on the stock exchange-many small and midsize enterprises, public institutions, and individual clients.

We work on insurance programs covering various types of risk, within the scope of insurance for property, life, finance and communications. In order to render complex services to our clients, we cooperate with Polish and foreign brokerage firms; this allows us to cover risk both within the country and abroad.

Our conception of brokerage services has been formed over many years of experience serving public and national institutions, as well as foreign economic entities.

Below we present the details of our brokerage services, the particular development and implementation of which is possible after risk assessment, together with data gathering in collaboration with the client and negotiation with insurers, and ending with the creation of a written recommendation regarding the most beneficial offer.

  1. Insurance audit and risk assessment,
  2. Organisation of a brokerage team to develop the insurance program and exchange of information with the client,
  3. Negotiation of an offer with insurers, recommendation and choice of offer,
  4. Administration of the insurance program,
  5. Liquidation of claims and legal support,
  6. Employee training.

We make the best efforts while rendering these services. The basic aims of our teams’ employees are safety of the clients, a high quality of service and following the ethics rules of the brokerage profession. This includes, among other things, taking civil liability related to brokerage services rendered, as well as an additional civil liability contract with a guaranteed sum of EUR 10,000,000.  To this time, during the undertaking of services by the firm, we have had no indicents of having make payments from such a contract.

In order to systematically raise the quality of service, a special Quality Management System has been developed in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, as well as an additional CRM program. This represents one strategic element of our firm which allows the systematic monitoring and enhanced functioning of the firm’s processes. The basis of such undertakings are clearly defined goals and tasks, thanks to which-in comparison to competing firms-we are able to quickly and precisely evaluate the needs of our clients and give them on-line access to insurance documents and information about the current state of claims.

We are also active members of both national and international fellowships within our branch; such organisations signify that members fulfill the highest possible business and ethical criteria:

  • Foundation of Polish Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers,
  • West Chamber of Commerce,
  • European Partner of Intermediaries Federation, working towards a unified insurance intermediaries market,
  • Foundation of Independent Insurance Brokers, working in Western European countries, dealing with Buyers’ Credit Insurance – Credit Risk Partners Network.