Property insurance

Looking for an offer tailored specifically to your needs? We will create it for you!

We will adjust any selected insurance scheme to industry, type of business activity or profession. We will also take into account your individual requirements regarding insurance risk.

After two decades of activity in the brokerage market, we are permanently associated with more than 80% of our partners – who value the benefits of long-term cooperation.

We offer the following types of property insurance:

  • property insurance against property loss that comes about as a result of acts of God, fortuitous events and theft,
  • loss of profit insurance,
  • insurance of electronic equipment,
  • civil liability insurance against employee and third party claims,
  • product recall insurance,
  • cyber-risk insurance,
  • group insurance for treatment costs during international business trips,
  • professional indemnity insurance (PI),
  • directors and officers liability insurance (D&O),
  • environmental liability insurance (ELI),
  • penal-fiscal insurance,
  • machinery breakdown insurance (MB),
  • contractor’s plant and equipment insurance (CPM),
  • cargo insurance (CARGO),
  • road transport operator liability insurance,
  • Insurance for treatment costs during business trips and accident insurance,
  • construction and erection all risk insurance (CAR/EAR),

Benefits for companies

Our business focuses on broker specialisation and on considering the specifics of individual client needs. Our offer:

  • we negotiate with many insurance companies,
  • we offer our customers an insurance audit,
  • we watch over the insurance scheme throughout the term of coverage,
  • in the event of loss, we help you to claim damages from your insurer,
  • we develop global programmes for property located outside the country,

We have earned the trust of several hundred companies and institutions

Several hundred companies and institutions have entrusted us with securing their assets. We have been cooperating with many of them for over a dozen years, basing this relationship on mutual trust and loyalty.

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