Risk Assessment

Each year, Insurers set higher fire protection requirements and adopt a more rigorous approach to comprehensive risk assessment associated with the business activity of each industry.

In response to these challenges, we are ready to provide support by offering dedicated activities in the area of risk assessment.

For our customers, we offer to conduct an insurance audit to assess the risks of their business activity from a technical point of view.

We offer safety risk assessments:

  • fire safety
  • warehouse activity
  • production
  • technical
  • physical protection of facilities
  • construction


We conduct the audits either on our own, using the knowledge and experience of our risk assessment engineer, or together with a selected third party – if we identify unusual risks associated with your business or discover any additional customer needs during our analysis.

Benefits of auditing:

Owing to the audit conclusions, we may work together to improve the technical security of your business, as well as to optimise any insurance scheme to meet your needs. We do so by:

We are here to help and provide advice on how to improve the security of both current and planned new investments.

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